PPR-C Pipe & Fittings

BBJ PPR-C piping system is a hot and cold water system for potable water supply and distribution, sanitary water applications and heating systems. PPR-C is a food grade material and is recommended for drinking water applications. It is a corrosions free system which resists algae and bacteria growth. This piping system can be used for distribution systems in housing, administration and community buildings as well as for industrial installations. BBJ PPR-C pipe is designed for transport of cold and hot water. It is also used for the distribution of compressed air.

BBJ PPR-C is the first complete PPR-C piping system in Pakistan that conforms to international quality and safety standards.

In order to take advantage of its chemical resistance and other system properties and use of system for transport of other liquids, gaseous or solid media - an individual assessment of any such case would be needed.

Dimensions: BBJ PPR-C Pipes are manufactured in nominal outside diameter of size 20mm to 110mm.

Standard Lengths: PPR-C pipes are available in straight lengths of 4m for all sizes up to 110mm.

Pipes: DIN 8077-8078 with a pressure rating of PN 10 & PN 20
Fittings: DIN 16962 with a pressure rating of PN 25.

PPR-C Pipe

 DN   SDR 11 (PN 10)    SDR 6 (PN 20)  
O.D(mm) e (mm) I.D (mm) MI (Kg/m) e (mm) I.D (mm) MI (Kg/m)
20 1.9 16.2 0.107 3.4 13.2 0.172
25 2.3 20.4 0.164 4.2 16.6 0.266
32 2.9 26.2 0.26 5.4 21.2 0.434
40 3.7 32.6 0.412 6.7 26.6 0.671
50 4.6 40.8 0.638 8.3 33.4 1.04
63 5.8 51.4 1.01 10.5 42.0 1.65
75 6.8 61.4 1.41 12.5 50.0 2.34
90 8.2 73.6 2.03 15.0 60.0 3.36
110 10.0 90.0 3.01 18.3 73.4 5.01

SDR:Standard Diameter Ratio       DN:Nominal Diameter
O.D: Outside Diameter               e: Wall Thickness
I.D:Inside Diameter                   PN:Max. Admissible Nominal Pressure (bars)

BBJ PPR-C piping system provides a large number of benefits in handling cold and hot water, amongst many of its features are:

  • Convenient and reliable installation methods increasing labor productivity and significant cost savings.
  • Long durability due to the high resistance to aggressive elements, which gives the system extremely long service life of 50 years and more.
  • Easy connectivity over a complex network.
  • No perforation caused by electrical currents.
  • No furring while cutting.
  • Resistance to bacteriological attack thus enabling safe potable water transfers.
  • Incomparable smooth and porosity – free internal surface of both pipes and fitting, which results in a very low pressure loss and absence of incrustation (reduction of section due to the limestone and scaling) .
  • Resistance to wide range of chemicals and so corrosion avoided in service lines.
  • Heat preservation and energy saving abilities. The heat conductivity of BBJ PPR-C pipes are much lesser than metals and hence offer significantly high level of heat preservation for transported fluids.
  • Light weight compared to the metallic piping system.
  • Nontoxic and physiologically harmless material.